The Process:

1. The Nomination begins at KEOnline (Business Search Engine):
- Initiate your journey by having your business listed on KEOnline to be eligible for nomination.
- Following nomination, expect communications from the secretariat through emails and calls.
- The secretariat will guide you in claiming your business in the right category.

2. The Categories (List then point to KEOnline Business - KOB):
- Explore a diverse range of categories available for nomination, each representing specific aspects of digital fitness.
- Directly align your business with the appropriate category on KEOnline Business (KOB) during the claiming process.

3. The Voting (Describe the voting process):
- After successfully claiming your business, actively engage in the voting process within the KEOnline platform.
- Encourage your network and audience to participate in voting for your business.

4. The Jury / Judges / Expert Score:
- As the voting deadline passes, a meticulous shortlisting process begins.
- The secretariat and a panel of experts scrutinize various aspects, including your online presence, impact, and visibility.

5. The Winners/Gala Dinner:
- The secretariat communicates the shortlist results to your business.
- Following this, reservations for the grand event, the Gala Dinner, are initiated to celebrate and announce the winners of the Digitally Fit Awards.


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