The Benefits of Booking a Corporate Table at a Business Event – Digitally Fit Awards

One can choose a single Ticket or 2 Tickets or 3. In either of these, you will be mixed in a Table with other Delegates from other companies.

However, the corporates table comes in when you would love to Secure the whole table for 1 company or team. This comes with several benefits including:

a) You can choose in advance where you want the Table to be eg in front row, front left or front right or at the maddle or at the back.
b) This table will be marked reserved and even if your Team arrives late, no one uses or joins this table because its labelled and reserved for you and your team throughout.
c) Overal, there is the joy of celebrating as a Team. Imagine leaving your desk and erupting as Winners from one Table. It shows the other Delegates the class and the organization your company has.
d) Having a Table of six means you loop in most members from the company departments that have contributed to that success, they learn from the leaders and feel they are respected as a company.
e) Lastly all photos and camera angles for videos will be spanning accross your table and capturing your table. That means as you sit waiting for the Award, and as you go receiving and as you come back, all your photos will capture the same Team.

Most importantly is the offer we give this Table. Instead of paying 8,500 by 6 = 51,000 we discount it to 50,000 (Early Bird Offer)

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